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Woodie Flowers Award Essay Archive

The Woodie Flowers Award celebrates effective communication in the art and science of engineering and design. Dr. William Murphy founded this prestigious award in 1996 to recognize mentors who lead, inspire and empower using excellent communication skills1. Mentors must win a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at a Regional or District Championship to be eligible for the Woodie Flowers Award.

EWCP is collecting essays to showcase nominated mentors. Students are encouraged to use these essays as a starting point when writing nominations for their mentors.

254 Travis Covington

During the past sixteen years, Travis Covington’s constant involvement in FIRST proves his commitment to changing lives. Travis effectively uses his communication skills to promote

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1114 Karthik Kanagasabapathy, 2010 WFA

Every team needs a mentor who exemplifies passion, enthusiasm, and leadership. These are  only a few of the characteristics that Karthik Kanagasabapathy brings to FIRST and to Team 1114. In his  twelve years in FIRST, Karthik has shown continuous dedication to teaching young and old minds alike.  Karthik is a role model to us all; through his widespread FIRST involvement he gets thousands of people  excited about science and engineering, while giving the students on Team 1114 a thorough  understanding of many important concepts and a helping hand to overcome challenges related to FIRST  and beyond.  The enthusiasm that Karthik has for sharing his knowledge and expertise extends to everyone in  the FIRST community. He is a member of the Board of Directors of FIRST Robotics Canada, as well as the  Waterloo Regional Planning Committee. Karthik’s inspiring level of energy and passion shines through in  his emceeing at both the Greater Toronto Regional and the Waterloo Regional, along with many FLL  competitions and other FIRST events. Karthik has been a huge contributor to the Canadian FIRST  community, aiding as many teams as he can in whatever ways he can and being very involved in the  founding of seven successful rookie teams. He has presented segments of his extremely informative six‐ seminar series on the fundamentals of managing a FIRST team to local Canadian teams and at the FIRST  Robotics Conferences in Atlanta.  The entire set is available online, and Karthik is always eager to answer  questions. He has a unique ability to motivate teams, not only teaching students but helping mentors to  gain the confidence necessary to meet the challenges of FIRST head on, and to be able to mentor their  students effectively.  Karthik knows how important the bond between a mentor and a student is, as it allows for 

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1114 Ian Mackenzie

Ian Mackenzie’s passion for FIRST has touched thousands of people’s lives. His love and  enthusiasm for the discipline of engineering is unparalleled, and through his

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188 Mark Breadner, WFA

Since 1998, when Mark Breadner founded the original Canadian FIRST team, he has  been an important figure in FIRST. Presentations to corporations procured the support 

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1114 Greg Phillips

The secret to success is not having the most resources or skills; success in FIRST originates from exemplary mentors. As a leader, Greg Phillips guides

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122 Ansel Butterfield

I have been blessed to be involved in FIRST for three years, and have increased my knowledge and experience beyond any reasonable expectation. There are

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2363 Bill Bretton

William Bretton has been the electrical mentor on FRC Team 2363, Triple Helix, for the past three years, and during this time he has affected

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