East West

If people knew the real Mr. Tim Emerson the way members of Team 1098 do, they would see a great teacher, a great mentor, and behind the glasses, the face of a man who is truly Rockwood Robotics’ super hero.

He is Superman. His x-ray vision helps the Rockwood Robotics programming team see through challenges and complications. He asks questions that lead us to seek the solution for ourselves. His super strength lifts the entire team to higher levels of thinking. His words of encouragement keep us moving forward faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

He is The Flash. When we need him, he is there in an instant. Mr. Emerson seems to move at lightning speed from group to group.

He is Batman. He knows the tools of the trade, and like the Dark Knight, he understands the importance of safety and appropriate use of technology.

He is Mr. Fantastic. His leadership and teamwork guide the team to overcome challenges. He also possesses advanced knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering. Mr. Emerson, like Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, is a leader, both on our team and in the St. Louis region. Over the past eight years, Mr. Emerson has helped the FIRST community in St. Louis, by participating in the planning committee, running workshops, and teaching teams the programming skills necessary for success. Emerson, a life-long robotics enthusiast, has also built small test robots to teach students how to test software. Finally, he sacrifices his time to work with FLL, FTC, and FRC as a judge, scorekeeper, and robot inspector.

He is a role model for students, mentors, and community members. Co-mentor Andy Hereford said, “I strive to coach the students more like Tim does. Instead of providing answers, he responds with questions that lead the students to their own solution.”

Mr. Emerson is the superhero of mentors. His mentoring style helps students truly learn. He is quoted on ChiefDelphi as saying, “I believe mentors should teach, advise, and assist.”

Emerson, like the amazing Spiderman, always has a helping hand outstretched. Each fall, he helps anyone interested learn programming process. Over the summer, he guides students to better their programming and problem-solving skills.

Tim Emerson is a great mentor, not just because of his super skills, but because of his super attitude. Mrs. Gatto, Team 1098 founder, said, “If a student does not understand something, he patiently teaches the student in a warm and caring way.” He is willing to explain things many different ways, until everyone understands. A positive attitude, dependability, and encouraging words for students and mentors alike make him a stand-out mentor. His actions speak loudly, yet his own words, “In order to be successful, you must have a glass-half-full outlook,” embody this man of Fe3C (steel).

Tim Emerson exemplifies the spirit of FIRST robotics. He exudes excitement about the possibilities for the future, and he believes in the power of teamwork. He has happily made many sacrifices in order to contribute to the team and to FIRST. He considers his time and effort to be a valuable investment to the future.

Over the past five years, Mr. Emerson has been an invaluable asset to Team 1098 and the Rockwood community. He is committed to the growth and development of our team and each of the students on it. He shows strength, patience, skill, and kindness. Like a true superhero, Mr. Emerson empowers the team to trust ourselves and boldly seek the answers to tomorrow’s problems.