East West

Jenny Lee is a passionate mentor who contributes to Code Orange with her dedication and  support. Being part of the team for five years, she became involved with Code Orange when her sons joined, and since then growing into one of our most impactful mentors. Jenny initially  wanted to start her own robotics team until she discovered Code Orange, feeling there weren’t  enough hands-on activities that involved technology and STEM, and loved what FIRST provided high school students. Being a patent attorney, she knows how important it is to gain experience  by trying different things, but also to learn from failures. Jenny inspires students by teaching  them critical thinking and problem solving. 

Jenny is dedicated to the team and has sacrificed thousands of hours towards helping the team  succeed. She is known for her hardworking attitude and inspires students to contribute as much  as possible, while enjoying what they’re passionate about. 

One 3476 student said: “What set her apart from different parents is that she sacrificed  thousands of hours, she wasn’t a parent who dropped their kid off and left. She stuck around  hours after meetings ended to make sure projects got done.” 

Because of her caring personality, students on the team respect Jenny both as a mentor and a  person. She inspires students to be more actively involved, which translates into their interest  into a STEM career. Jenny’s impact largely influenced one student’s life : “If it weren’t for Jenny I would not be as involved in Code Orange as I am right now, and I wouldn’t have taken the  initiative to be in a leadership position. Because of all the ways she has impacted my life,  through STEM and in my personal life, I asked her for a letter of recommendation for college  and I have no doubt that she will support me in whatever path I take in life.” – 3476 student. 

Jenny welcomes every student on the team with open arms. She has hosted summer camps in  her home for three years, and truly opened her home to Code Orange. She helps team  members travel to events, makes sure everyone is well-fed, and cares about each individual.  

“She helped my brother and I a lot throughout build season and competition time by letting us  stay at her house because we live far. When I couldn’t attend demos, she would take me. She  inspired me by always explaining things thoroughly and inspired me to join FIRST.” – 3476  student. 

Jenny Lee is admired by students because of her strength in leading by example. By teaching  students how to use the CNC Router after learning it for the first time herself, Jenny showed  students the process of learning something new. She teaches students skills they can apply to  experiences outside of a high school robotics team. Even after her kids graduated from Code  Orange, Jenny stayed as a mentor to see us succeed in the future. Jenny has contributed to this team tremendously through her encouragement, dedication, and endless support, inspiring  students, mentors, and parents alike.