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Dr. Shelley Nordman founded Code Orange six years ago in her garage. Her son was a part of  Team 2493 Robokong for one year prior to the inception of Code Orange. After a year of driving from Orange County to Riverside in order for her son to be apart of an FRC team, Dr. Nordman  decided it was time for an FRC team in Orange County. After communicating with lead mentors  of other teams, she reached out to members of her son’s homeschool group and brought  

students to the LA regional and hosted an event at her home during the 2010 Championships  for homeschooled families to expose them to FIRST. 

Since the beginning, we’ve been honored with multiple Chairman and division wins, judges  award, and many other accolades as a direct result of Shelley’s passion and dedication towards FIRST and Code Orange. “She has worked tirelessly for old students, new students, and  students not even on Code Orange. She maintains a bright, mature, professional, yet  completely friendly and open attitude no matter what the situation” says 3476 student. 

Shelley always has a positive attitude and constantly looks for ways to improve the experience  that students have on Code Orange. For example, we have run into many instances of  miscommunication with our lead mentors and student leaders. She worked with our team  captains to set up and moderate weekly meetings between the groups which greatly improved  communication. 

Dr.Nordman has not only impacted students on Code Orange, but students all over Orange  County. She is a founding member and sits on the board of directors of the Orange County  Robotics Alliance (OCRA). She is also on the board of directors for the OC Regional, and is on  the Regional Planning Committee. After realizing the lack of kickoffs for Orange County teams,  Shelley proposed hosting an official kickoff event for OC teams. OCRA has continued on to host many events: kickoffs, workshops, and networking meetings. These events have benefited  FIRST teams and students all over OC and without Shelley’s dedication to bettering FIRST OC  these events would have not been possible. 

Shelley has also inspired the lives FLL students, by providing input into our FLL team’s  presentations and robots. She is the tournament director of Code Orange’s annual FLL  qualifying tournament and frequently volunteers as a judge at other tournaments. 

Many alumni have gone on to become FIRST mentors. The team has also attracted FIRST  alumni from other teams to serve as mentors, and Shelley mentors these newer mentors of  3476. One alumni and recent mentor says “Shelley has inspired me to be an effective mentor by always being kind and selfless and always teaching students but while also learning from  others” 

This contagious attitude and outlook that has made her such an influential mentor. Shelley  Nordman has dedicated her life to inspiring students of all ages to improve themselves through  the FIRST program resulting in several young team members eager to pursue their passion.